Famous Members




HENRY YATES SATTERLEE (1843-1908)First Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Washington


FREDERIC WOLTERS HUIDEKOPER (September 12, 1840, Meadville, Pa.-

1908) Harvard, AM 1862. Captain of 58th Pa. Militia, participated

in capture of Confederate raider Gen. John Hunt Morgan. President

of many railroads. President of DC Sons 1905-07.


BENJAMIN LEWIS BLACKFORD (1835-1908)  Lt. Topographical Engineers, CSA


RADM SAMUEL RHODES FRANKLIN (August 25, 1825, York, Pa.-1909) Midshipman 1841 – Rear Admiral January 24, 1885. Superintendent, U.S. Naval Observatory 1884-85; Cmdr in Chief European Station

1885-87. Author: Memoirs of a Rear Admiral.


LT. GEN. HENRY CLARK CORBIN (September 15, 1842, Clermont co., Ohio-1909)   2Lt. 83rd Ohio Inf. U.S.V., Bvt. for gallant and meritorious services in action at Decatur and Nashville.  Was with President Garfield when shot and later at his bedside in Elberon , New Jersey. Became Lt. Gen. April 15, 1906.


BRIG. GEN. WILLIAM BEATTY ROCHESTER ( February .15, 1826, Angelica, N.Y.-1909) Became Paymaster General for the U.S. Army in 1882.




MAJ. GEN. HENRY HETH, CSA (December 16,- 1825, Blackheath Estate, Chesterfield Co., Va.-September 27, 1899) Westpoint 1847. In Mexican War and in command of a division under A.P. Hill in the Army of Northern Virginia, precipitating battle of Gettysburg. Special Agent for the Office of Indian Affairs and Commissioner for marking graves of the Confederate dead at Sharpsburg, Maryland.


COL CHARLES GRYMES MCCAWLEY (January 29, 1820, Philadelphia, Pa.-

1891) At Chapultupec  and capture of Mexico City with the U.S. Marines as 2lt. Became Col-Comdt U.S. Marine Corps 1876.


GARRICK MALLERY (1831-1894) Ethnologist at Smithsonian. GEORGE BROWN GOODE (1851-1896) Naturalist at Smithsonian.

WILLIAM ADAMS RICHARDSON (1827-1896) Secretary of the Treasury and

Chief Justice, U.S. Court of Claims.


ADMIRAL GEORGE DEWEY (December 26, 1837, Montpellier, Vt.-January

16, 1917) Naval Academy 1858. In Farragut’s squadron which forced

the passage of Forts St. Philip and Jackson in April 1862 at New

Orleans.   Served on the Mississippi.  In command of the Asiatic Squadron January 1898. Destroyed the Spanish Fleet at anchor in Manila Bay May 1, 1898, with out the loss of a U.S. Sailor. President of General Board March 29,1900.


JOHN LEE CARROLL (September 30, 1830, Homewood near Baltimore, Md.-

1911)Great grandson of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.  Graduate of

Georgetown  College  and Harvard  Law School.  Practiced  law  in

Maryland, and for a short time in New York. Member — of Maryland Senate elected 1867 and 1871, president of Senate 1874. Governor of Maryland 1876-80.  Called in Federal troops to suppress B ·&  0 railroad workers strike  in July 1877. Maintained  estate near Ellicot City named  “Doughoregan Manor 11  •   President D.C. Sons and President General, General Society.


JOHN EDGAR REYBURN (February 7, 1845, New Carlisle, Ohio-January

4, 1914) Member of House of Representatives, 4th Pa. 189-97; 1905-

07, 1907-09, but resigned when elected Mayor of Philadelphia 1907-



WALTER WYMAN MD (August 17, 1848, St Louis, Mo.-19ll) In Marine Hospital Service 1876. Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service 1902.


GAILLARD HUNT (September 8, 1862, New Orleans, La.- March 20, 1924) Chief, Division of Manuscripts, Library of Congress , formerly with the State Department. Author: the Department of State of The United States,l892, 2nd ed.; Life of James Madison, 1902, John Calhoun,

1907; Disunion Sentiment in Congress 1794, 1905;Life in America One

Hundred Years Ago, 1914.


MAJ. GEN. LEONARD WOOD, USA (October 9_, 1860, Winchester, N.H.-

1927) Harvard, MD 1884. Medal of Honor March 29,1898 in campaign

against  Apaches  while  serving  as  medical  and  line officer.

Commanding Col 1st U.S. Cavalry 11      Rough Riders 11      May 8, 1898.

Promoted to Brigadier General For Services at Las Guasimes and San Juan Hill. Maj Gen 1903. Governor General, General Society of Mayflower Descendants and Governor General Philippine Islands 1921.


GILBERT HOVEY[HOREY]GROSVENOR (October 28, 1875, Constantinople, Turkey-February 4,1966) Amherst ab 1897. Editor-in-chief National Geographic,  1903-1954, then Chairman of the Board of Trustees. President, Cosmos Club 1922.


WALTER ST .LSON “HUTCHINS son of the founder of THE WASHINGTON POST, Stilson Hutchins.


ANDREW WILLIAM MELLON (March 24, 1855, Pittsburgh, Pa.- August 26,

1937) Secretary of the Treasury 1921-1932, Ambassador to the Court

of St. James’s 1932-33.




ARMISTEAD  PETER III donor of Tudor Place  in Georgetown  to a


Foundation  to preserve his ancestral home, designed by William



DUNCAN CLINCH PHILLIPS (June 26, 1886, Pittsburgh, Pa.-May 1966) Founder of the Phillips Collection, a major gallery of impressionist works.


RADM JOHN GRIMES WALKER , USN (March 20, 1835, Hillsborough, N.H.

1907) Naval Academy 1856, At New Orleans and Vicksburg. Commander

of iron-clad Baron deKalb. President of Isthmian Canal Commission.


DAVID JOSIAH BREWER (June 20, 1837, Smyrna, Asia Minor-1910) nephew of Justice Stephen J. Field, of the U.S. Supreme Court, and himself a Justice of that Court 1889-1910. Yale 1856; LLB Albany Law School 1858. Practiced law in Kansas 1859. Author: The Pew To The Pulpit, 1897; The Twentieth Century From Another View Point,

1899;American Citizenship,1 and The United States A Christian

Nation, 1905.


GENERAL HENRY TUREMAN ALLEN (April 13, 1859, Sharpsburg, Ky.-August

30,1930) West Point 1882. Served in WWI, Comander American Forces

in Germany July 21,1919. Author: Reconnaissance of Copper, Tannana

and Kuyukuk Rivers, 1886; Military  System of Sweden,  1895; My

Rhineland Journal. 1923; and The Rhineland Occupation, 1926.


EDWARD KERNAN CAMPBELL ( April 17, 1858, Washington Co., Va.-) Chief Justice, U.S. Court of Claims, 913-28.


JOHN COCHRAN COPENHAVER Established an engraving stationer’s store in Washington.


FREDERIC LOUIS HUIDEKOPER (March 8, 1874, Meadville, Pa.- March 7,

1940) military historian and writer


BRIG GEN WILLIAM MITCHELL (December 29, 1879, Nice, France-February

19, 1936) George Washington, AB 1879. Served in Spanish American

War, Phullippine Insurrection, Mexican Border· and WWI. Commander

Air Forces, AEF and Director, Air Service, U.S. Army. Famous for

his courtmarshall. Author: Our Air Force, 1921; Winged Defense,

1925; Skyways, 1930. Lived in Middleburg, Va.


RANDOLPH HARRISON MCKIM ( April 15, 1842, Baltimore, Md.-July 15,

1921) AB Y. va: 1861; DD Washington andLee 1871. Served CSA 1861-

65 Rector: St. John’s, Portamouth, Va. 1866-67; Christ Church,

Alexandria, Va. 1867-75; Holy Trinity, Harlem, N.Y. 1875-86; Trinity, New Orlean , La. 1886-88

Epiphany, D.C. 1889-; Dean, Theological  Seminary of Va. 1897. Author: A Soldier’s Recollections,  1910; Numerical Strength of the Confederate Army, 1912; The Soul of Lee, 1918; and, For God and Country, 1918. President D.C. Society 1912-15 and Chaplain General.