Monuments and historical items of the DC Society, Sons of the Revolution

Date Location or Site Item To Commemorate
1917 1600 20th St, NW

Washington, DC

Bronze Tablet Initial Meeting of the Sons in the District of Columbia (Missing)
1919 Army-Navy Club

Washington, DC

Painting George Washington, presented in commemoration of the 113th anniversary of the inauguration of President Washington
1927 Alexandria, VA Bronze Tablet Presbyterian Old Meetinghouse, near tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier
1927 DC Society Gavel Made from USS Constitution, Handle salvaged from Old US Capitol burned by British in 1814
1930 17th & B Streets

Washington, DC

Bronze Tablet Terminus of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.  Certain negotiations in connection with the canal led to consultations between states which terminated in the formulation of the Constitution of the United States
1930 Oak Hill Cemetery

Georgetown, Washington, DC

Grave Marker Colonel George Beall, Jr.

Maryland Militia, 1777

1947 Bowen Building

819 15th Strett, NW

Washington, DC

Plaque Site of Chamberlain Hotel, where the Constitution of the General Society was adopted on April 19, 1890